Communication Centers
Los Angeles Communications Center

Number of Incidents: 51
Updated as of 11/20/2014 6:02:09 PM

 No.TimeTypeLocationLocation Desc.Area
Details002426:00 PMTrfc Collision-1141EnrtI5 N / Lankershim Blvd LAFSP
Details002405:57 PMTraffic HazardI10 W / S Central AveJEOLAFSP
Details030535:56 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI405 S / I710 N I405 S ConSB 405 JNO 710South LA
Details030525:56 PMTraffic HazardI10 W / S Central AveJEOCentral LA
Details030445:54 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtN Muscatel Ave / Huntington Dr Altadena
Details030495:53 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtI5 S / NO INDIANA ST1163 CALZONACentral LA
Details030315:53 PMTraffic HazardAvenue F Jwo 14  
Details030435:53 PMTrfc Collision-No InjN Topanga Canyon Blvd / Fontaine Rd West Valley
Details030225:51 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI110 S / W El Segundo Blvd South LA
Details002395:51 PMTraffic HazardI210 W / N Allen AveWB JEOLAFSP
Details002385:51 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI110 S / W El Segundo Blvd LAFSP
Details030215:51 PMTraffic HazardI210 W / N Allen AveWB JEOAltadena
Details002375:50 PMTraffic HazardI5 N / E Verdugo AveNB 5 JSO VERDUGOLAFSP
Details030235:50 PMTraffic HazardUs101 N N Mission Rd Onr / Us101 NMISSION ONR TO NB 101Central LA
Details030105:49 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtI5 N / Lankershim BlvdNB 5 AT LANKERSHIMAltadena
Details002345:48 PMTraffic HazardI105 W / I105 W La Cienega Blvd Ofr LAFSP
Details030005:48 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / Devonshire St West Valley
Details029975:47 PMTraffic HazardI105 W / I105 W La Cienega Blvd OfrON LA CIENEGA , COLL RDWest LA
Details002325:44 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / Roscoe BlvdI405 N / ROSCOE BLVDLAFSP
Details029905:44 PMTrfc Collision-No InjGale Ave / S Stimson AveWB GALESanta Fe Springs
Details029795:42 PMHit and Run No InjuriesS Atlantic Blvd / Telegraph RdNE CORNEREast LA
Details029815:42 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / Roscoe BlvdI405 N / ROSCOE BLVDWest Valley
Details002295:40 PMTraffic HazardI605 N / Sr60I605 N / SR60LAFSP
Details029715:39 PMTraffic HazardI605 N / Sr60I605 N / SR60Santa Fe Springs
Details002275:37 PMTraffic HazardI210 E / FRUIT STEb 210 Jwo FruitLAFSP
Details029475:34 PMTrfc Collision-No Inj16803 Prairie AvePrairie AveSouth LA
Details029345:32 PMTrfc Collision-No InjS Bob Hope Dr / Warner BlvdBOB HOPE AT WARNERAltadena
Details029265:32 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI210 E / N Lake AveWB 210 JWO LAKEAltadena
Details029295:31 PMHit and Run No Injuries6512 Kauffman AveATAltadena
Details029205:30 PMTraffic HazardSr118 E / Sr118 E I210 ConEB 118 TO EB 210 CONAltadena
Details002255:30 PMTraffic HazardLa002155tb Sr2 S / I5 S ConSB 2 AT 5LAFSP
Details002245:30 PMTrfc Collision-1141EnrtSr134 E I5 S Con / I5 SWB 134 JEO 5LAFSP
Details029085:28 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtSr134 E I5 S Con / I5 SWB 134 JEO 5Altadena
Details029105:26 PMHit and Run No InjuriesLindero Canyon Rd / Us101 E Lindero Canyon Rd N Onr West Valley
Details002185:25 PMTraffic HazardLa11095 I110 S / So Sr91 ELA11095 I110 S / SO SR91 ELAFSP
Details028865:25 PMTraffic HazardI210 E / Paxton StATAltadena
Details028775:22 PMTraffic HazardI210 E / Osborne St OfrEB 210 JWO OSBORNE STAltadena
Details028805:21 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI10 E / S Fremont AveEB 10 JEO 710East LA
Details028505:12 PMHit and Run No InjuriesSan Jose Ave / Otterbein Ave Santa Fe Springs
Details028075:05 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtLA210278 I210 E / WO ALTADENA DRLA210278 I210 E / WO ALTADENA DRAltadena
Details028015:05 PMTraffic HazardMount Baldy Rd / N Mountain AveIN THE TUNNELSBaldwin Park
Details025814:09 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI5 N / THE ISLANDSNB 5 S/END OF THE ISLANDSNewhall
Details025894:08 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtUs101 S Hollywood Blvd Onr / Us101 SHOLLYWOOD ONR TO SB 101Central LA
Details001893:47 PMCar FireI110 N / W Manchester AveI110 N / W MANCHESTER AVELAFSP
Details024023:27 PMSIG AlertI405 S / N Lakewood BlvdSB 405 JNO LAKEWOODSouth LA
Details001753:07 PMTraffic HazardI5 N / I5 N Scott Rd Ofr LAFSP
Details022392:50 PMWIND AdvisoryI5 S / Castaic RdFRM GORMAN TO CASTAICNewhall
Details021802:35 PMFatalityLA40539 I405 S / SO LAKEWOOD BLVDSB 405 JNO LAKEWOODSouth LA
Details0130210:31 AMTraffic HazardI10 E / S Centinela AveWB 10 AT CENITNELLAWest LA
Details0012312:58 AMRoad/Weather Conditions2901 W BroadwayWEATHER CONDITIONSLA
Details0001112:03 AMRoad/Weather ConditionsMedia LogLOS ANGELES COUNTYLA