CHP Traffic Incident Information Page

Los Angeles Communications Center

Number of Incidents: 39
Updated as of 1/22/2021 6:31:42 PM

DetailsNo.TimeTypeLocationLocation Desc.Area
Details001846:31 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjUs101 W / Hayvenhurst AveAT HAYVENHURST AVELAFSP
Details025666:30 PMTraffic HazardI210 E / N Baldwin Ave Altadena
Details025706:30 PMTraffic HazardI110 N I10 E Con / I10 ENB JSOCentral LA
Details025696:30 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjUs101 W / Hayvenhurst AveAT HAYVENHURST AVEWest Valley
Details001836:28 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI605 N / Sr91NB JSOLAFSP
Details025576:26 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI605 N / Sr91NB JSOSanta Fe Springs
Details025596:25 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjSr14 N / Avenue SNB JSOAntelope Valley
Details001826:23 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtSr14 N / Pearblossom HwySR14 N / PEARBLOSSOM HWYLAFSP
Details025396:19 PMReport of FireI405 S / I105 EJNOWest LA
Details025336:18 PMSIG AlertSr60 E / N Wilcox Ave East LA
Details025196:16 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtSr14 N / Pearblossom HwyNB 14 AT PEARBLOSSOMAntelope Valley
Details025166:15 PMReport of FireI5 N / N Main StOFRCentral LA
Details025156:15 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI210 E / N Santa Anita AveEB 210 JWO SANTA ANITA AVEAltadena
Details025216:14 PMHit and Run No Injuries1141 W Carson St South LA
Details025126:13 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjW Rosecrans Ave Onr / I110 SROSECRANS ONR TO SB 110South LA
Details025076:10 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI210 E / Sr118 E I210 ConEB 210 TRANS 118Altadena
Details001796:10 PMTraffic HazardI105 E / Wilmington AveI105 E / WILMINGTON AVELAFSP
Details025016:10 PMTraffic HazardI105 E / Wilmington AveI105 E / WILMINGTON AVESouth LA
Details025306:08 PMAnimal Hazard156th St E / Ave T Antelope Valley
Details001776:07 PMTraffic HazardSr110 N / Us101 N Sr110 S ConNB 110 AT 101LAFSP
Details024876:05 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI210 E / SECO ST OFRJWOAltadena
Details024886:05 PMTraffic HazardSr110 N / Us101 N Sr110 S Con**NB 110 AT FIG**Central LA
Details024906:04 PMHit and Run No InjuriesI210 E / Foothill Blvd / La Verne (81-208)1023 DAMIEN / SR66 @ JACK N THE BOXBaldwin Park
Details024566:00 PMRoad/Weather ConditionsI10 E / Baldwin Park Blvd Baldwin Park
Details024425:57 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjSr60 E / N Wilcox AveJWOEast LA
Details024355:56 PMTrfc Collision-No InjE El Segundo Blvd / S Willowbrook Ave South LA
Details024175:49 PMTrfc Collision-No InjUs101 S / I405 SSB 101 JSO 405West Valley
Details023985:41 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtAllston St / Garfield Ave East LA
Details023955:40 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI405 N / Sepulveda BlvdOFRWest Valley
Details022815:05 PMTraffic HazardUs101 S / So Lankershim BlvdUS101 S / SO LANKERSHIM BLVDCentral LA
Details022805:05 PMTraffic HazardI10 E / Robertson BlvdEB 10 JWO ROBERTSON BLVDWest LA
Details022204:52 PMTraffic HazardI710 S / E Rosecrans AveJSOEast LA
Details022184:51 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI210 E / I210 E I605 ConEB 210 AT 605Baldwin Park
Details020864:12 PMTraffic HazardUS101 S / LINDERO CANYON RDEB 101 JWO LINDERO CYNWest Valley
Details018543:08 PMHit and Run No InjuriesSr60 E / Brea Canyon Rd Baldwin Park
Details001781:41 AMRoad/Weather Conditions2901 W BroadwayLACO WEATHER INFO LOGLA
Details0008612:35 AMCLOSURE of a RoadI210 E / N Irwindale AveIRWINDALE TO AZUSABaldwin Park
Details0001712:04 AMRoad/Weather ConditionsMedia LogLOS ANGELES COUNTYLA
Details0333111:21 PMWIND AdvisorySr14 N / Ward Rd NoNB 14 JNO WARDAntelope Valley