CHP Traffic Incident Information Page

Los Angeles Communications Center

Number of Incidents: 42
Updated as of 1/17/2020 9:26:25 AM

DetailsNo.TimeTypeLocationLocation Desc.Area
Details000789:24 AMTrfc Collision-1141EnrtSr91 E / Eo Pioneer BlvdSR91 E / EO PIONEER BLVDLAFSP
Details009819:23 AMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtSr91 E / Eo Pioneer BlvdSR91 E / EO PIONEER BLVDSanta Fe Springs
Details009769:21 AMTraffic HazardI110 N / Redondo Beach BlvdNB 110 JSO REDONDO BEACH BLVDSouth LA
Details000759:20 AMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjSr60 W / Phillips Ranch RdWB 60 JWO PHILLIPD RANCHLAFSP
Details009659:18 AMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtSR134 W / VICTORY BLVD ONRVICTORY ONR TO 134 WBAltadena
Details009749:17 AMTrfc Collision-Unkn Inj2205 E 223rd StSB 405 JSO WILMINGTON OOCRDLA
Details009539:14 AMTraffic HazardUs101 N / Laurel Canyon BlvdUS101 N / LAUREL CANYON BLVDWest Valley
Details009589:13 AMTrfc Collision-No InjSR60 W / Phillips Ranch RdWB 60 JWO PHILLIPS RANCHBaldwin Park
Details000749:13 AMTraffic HazardSr118 W / I5 NWB 118 AT 5LAFSP
Details009489:11 AMTraffic HazardSr118 W / I5 NWB 118 AT 5Altadena
Details009479:09 AMTrfc Collision-No InjI405 N / Lakewood BlvdI405 N / LAKEWOOD BLVDSouth LA
Details009319:08 AMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI5 S / E SLAUSON AVESB 5 AT SLAUSON OFREast LA
Details009339:08 AMTrfc Collision-No InjHooper Ave / E 58th Pl South LA
Details009209:04 AMTraffic HazardSr60 W / Sr57 SWB 60 JEO 57Baldwin Park
Details009199:04 AMTraffic HazardI5 S / Imperial HwyJNOSanta Fe Springs
Details009159:02 AMTrfc Collision-No InjN Hacienda Blvd / Francisquito Ave Baldwin Park
Details000689:01 AMTraffic HazardSr134 W / San Fernando RdWB 134 JEO SAN FERNANDOLAFSP
Details009028:59 AMTraffic HazardSr134 W / San Fernando RdWB 134 JEO SAN FERNANDOAltadena
Details008908:55 AMTrfc Collision-No Inj11910 Larrylyn Dr Santa Fe Springs
Details008718:50 AMTraffic HazardStocker St / S La Brea Ave West LA
Details008758:47 AMHit and Run No Injuries1645 W 190th StPOI - I405 S JNO WESTERN AVE - 77-400South LA
Details008568:42 AMTrfc Collision-No InjI110 N / Sepulveda Blvd South LA
Details008438:38 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceCaltrans-pomona-garey2650 S GAREY AVELA
Details008558:37 AMHit and Run No Injuries1459 S Lorena St Central LA
Details008388:35 AMHit and Run No Injuries8632 S Fir Ave South LA
Details008138:27 AMTraffic HazardI10 E / Fairfax Ave OfrEB 10 ON FAIRFAX OFRCentral LA
Details007928:20 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceMazeep Detail Central LA
Details000498:19 AMTrfc Collision-No InjI10 W / Towne Ave OfrWB 10 ON TOWNE OFRLAFSP
Details007868:18 AMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI10 E / I10 E I110 S ConEB 10 TRANS TO SB 110Central LA
Details007628:11 AMTrfc Collision-No InjI5 N / Lakewood BlvdI5 N / LAKEWOOD BLVDSanta Fe Springs
Details007368:04 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceCaltrans-monrovia850 E HUNTINGTON DRBaldwin Park
Details007298:01 AMTrfc Collision-No InjSr110 N / Hill StHILL OFF OF NB 110Central LA
Details007267:58 AMTrfc Collision-No InjI10 W US101 N CON / N MISSION RD OFRWB 10 JEO MISSIONCentral LA
Details007107:52 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceCaltrans-la-riverside Dr2187 RIVERSIDE DRCentral LA
Details005926:58 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceVtb E / MidspanVTB E / MIDSPANSouth LA
Details005646:47 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceCaltrans-monrovia850 E HUNTINGTON DRBaldwin Park
Details005556:45 AMAssist CT with Maintenance0 Alameda StCaltrans-LA-AlamedaCentral LA
Details005496:41 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceCaltrans-no Ho (moorpark)11210 MOORPARK STWest Valley
Details004455:45 AMAssist CT with MaintenanceAlameda Yard  
Details0000312:00 AMRoad/Weather ConditionsMedia LogLOS ANGELES COUNTYLA
Details024287:21 PMWIND AdvisoryNewhall AreaNEWHALL AREALA
Details024187:18 PMWIND AdvisorySr14 S / Soledad Canyon Rd - (78-147)NEWHALL AREANewhall