Communication Centers
Los Angeles Communications Center

Number of Incidents: 30
Updated as of 12/22/2014 9:10:36 PM

 No.TimeTypeLocationLocation Desc.Area
Details039219:03 PMTrfc Collision-1141 Enrt25620 Hemingway AveCOR OF KAVENAUGH/HEMINGWAYNewhall
Details039139:03 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI5 S / I210 ETRANSNewhall
Details039249:02 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI10 E / S Fremont Ave1023'ING AT 2150 S FREMONT IN 711 PLOTEast LA
Details039279:02 PMHit and Run No InjuriesI105 E / I110 N I105 ConEB 105 JEO 110South LA
Details039209:01 PMTraffic HazardSr91 W / Eo Carmenita RdWB JEO CARMENITA RDSanta Fe Springs
Details039149:01 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI10 E / I10 E New Ave OnrNEW ONR TO EB 10East LA
Details039109:00 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjLa40539 I405 S / So Lakewood Blvd405 S ON LAKEWOOD OFRSouth LA
Details002918:59 PMTraffic HazardI710 N / I710 N Sr60 ConNB 710 TO EB 60 CONLAFSP
Details038838:55 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / Crenshaw BlvdI405 N / CRENSHAW BLVDSouth LA
Details038738:53 PMTraffic HazardI105 W / Clark Ave Santa Fe Springs
Details038488:44 PMTraffic HazardLa105177 I605 S / I105 W ConSB 605 TO WB 105 CONSanta Fe Springs
Details038448:42 PMTraffic HazardI710 N / I710 N Sr60 ConNB 710 TO EB 60 CONEast LA
Details038268:39 PMTrfc Collision-No InjSR91 E / EO LAKEWOOD BLVDEB SR91 JEO LAKEWOOD BLVDSanta Fe Springs
Details038018:31 PMTraffic HazardI5 S / E Cesar Chavez AveI5 S / E CESAR CHAVEZ AVECentral LA
Details037938:29 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI5 N / I5 N Sr14 ConNB 5 JSO 14, RSNewhall
Details037568:16 PMHit and Run No InjuriesE Rosecrans Ave / Avalon BlvdRP IS NOW @ 13413 STANFORD AVESouth LA
Details037148:11 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / I405 N Skirball Center Dr OfrNB 405 JSO SKIRBALLWest LA
Details036667:59 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI105 E / Central AveI105 E / CENTRAL AVESouth LA
Details036557:54 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI710 N / E SLAUSON AVENB 710 JNO SLAUSONEast LA
Details035927:43 PMRoad/Weather ConditionsSouthern Division 10-13  
Details035647:30 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI5 N / I5 N Lake Hughes Rd OfrNB I5 AT WATERING HOLE #1Newhall
Details035257:29 PMTrfc Collision-No InjThe Old Rd / Sedona Way Newhall
Details035077:21 PMHit and Run No InjuriesI405 N / I405 N Us101 ConMAGNOLIA AT KESTER, VALERIO G/SWest Valley
Details034717:16 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtI10 E / S Centinela AveJWOWest LA
Details032066:20 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtI105 E / Garfield AveI105 E / GARFIELD AVEEast LA
Details029845:39 PMCar FireI5 N / CHP RDNB 5 JSO 2ND WATERING HOLENewhall
Details029045:23 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtE Willow St / N Bellflower BlvdATLA
Details008628:22 AMWIND AdvisorySr118 W / Eo I405TO VENTURA COWest Valley
Details0006412:19 AMWIND AdvisoryI5 S / Castaic RdGRAPEVINE, FRM CASTAIC TO GORMANNewhall
Details0003312:05 AMRoad/Weather ConditionsMedia LogLOS ANGELES COUNTYLA