Communication Centers
Los Angeles Communications Center

Number of Incidents: 47
Updated as of 4/26/2017 6:15:09 PM

 No.TimeTypeLocationLocation Desc.Area
Details030556:11 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI105 E / Eo Vermont AveEB JWOSouth LA
Details002896:07 PMTraffic HazardI5 N / E Olive AveJSO OLIVE AVELAFSP
Details030216:06 PMTraffic HazardI5 N / E Olive AveJSO OLIVE AVEAltadena
Details030226:05 PMTrfc Collision-No InjFelton Ave / W 104th St West LA
Details030096:05 PMTraffic HazardI5 S / Lyons AveSB 5 AT LYONS AVENewhall
Details030076:04 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / VENTURA BLVDNB 405 JSO VENTURAWest Valley
Details029825:57 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtSr91 W / Studebaker RdWB 91 JEO STUDEBAKERSanta Fe Springs
Details002875:56 PMTraffic HazardI605 S / South St E OnrSOUTH ONR TO SB 605LAFSP
Details029745:56 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / Avalon BlvdI405 N / AVALON BLVDSouth LA
Details029755:56 PMTraffic Hazard0 Sr14 N Antelope Valley
Details029565:50 PMTrfc Collision-No InjFairway Dr / Colima Rd Santa Fe Springs
Details029685:50 PMTrfc Collision-No InjLa014644 Sr14 N / So Avenue MAVENUE N / 10TH ST W -- OFF FWYAntelope Valley
Details002845:49 PMTrfc Collision-No InjSr60 E / S Downey RdEB POF AT DOWNEYLAFSP
Details029485:47 PMTrfc Collision-No InjINDIANA ST ONR / SR60 EINDIANA ONR TO EB 60East LA
Details029445:47 PMTraffic HazardI405 N / Nordhoff StNB 405 JNO NORDHOFFWest Valley
Details029385:45 PMHit and Run No InjuriesS Eastern Ave / E Olympic Blvd East LA
Details029335:44 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI405 N / Normandie AveNB 405 JSO NORMANDIESouth LA
Details029285:43 PMTraffic HazardSr14 N / Newhall AveNB 14 JSO NEWHALL AVENewhall
Details002805:40 PMTrfc Collision-1141EnrtUS101 E / LAS VIRGENES RDEOLAFSP
Details028965:39 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtUS101 E / LAS VIRGENES RDEOWest Valley
Details028995:37 PMTrfc Collision-No InjSr134 E I210 W Con / Sr134 E Sr110 E ConDEL MAR ONR TO EB 134Altadena
Details028905:35 PMReport of FireLopez Canyon Rd / Kagel Truck Trl Altadena
Details028765:35 PMTrfc Collision-No InjSr91 E / S Central Ave South LA
Details002735:34 PMTraffic HazardSr14 S / Newhall AveSR14 S / NEWHALL AVELAFSP
Details028675:32 PMTraffic HazardSr14 S / Newhall AveSB 14 JSO NEWHALL AVENewhall
Details028655:32 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjI405 S / Roscoe BlvdI405 S / ROSCOE BLVDWest Valley
Details028455:27 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjFullerton Rd / Colima Rd Santa Fe Springs
Details028385:24 PMCar FireLA110234TA SR110 N / SR110 N US101 S CONNB 110 TO SB 101 CONCentral LA
Details028065:18 PMTrfc Collision-No InjS Vincent Ave / Lakes DrBANK OF AMERICA P/LOTLA
Details028155:15 PMTrfc Collision-1141 Enrt17600 S Santa Fe Ave South LA
Details027805:13 PMTrfc Collision-1141 EnrtHooper Ave / E Gage AveHOOPER AT GAGESouth LA
Details027795:11 PMTraffic HazardSr14 S / Santiago RdSB 14 JNO SANTIAGO ROADAntelope Valley
Details026984:49 PMHit and Run w/InjuriesW 48th St / Brynhurst Ave West LA
Details027004:48 PMTraffic HazardI5 N / N Paxton StNB 5 AT PAXTON/118 SPLITAltadena
Details026534:41 PMTrfc Collision-Unkn InjNorwalk Blvd / Mines Blvd Santa Fe Springs
Details026504:39 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI105 E / Bellflower BlvdEB 105 JWO BELLFLOWER BLVDSanta Fe Springs
Details002434:11 PMTraffic HazardI10 E / I10 E I110 N ConEB 10 JWO 110LAFSP
Details024273:38 PMTrfc Collision-No InjWashington Blvd / Millergrove Dr Santa Fe Springs
Details002273:31 PMTrfc Collision-No InjI405 S / W Rosecrans AveI405 S / W ROSECRANS AVELAFSP
Details023833:30 PMSIG AlertSr60 E / Grand AveSR60 E / GRAND AVEBaldwin Park
Details023733:28 PMTraffic HazardSr60 E / Grand AveEB 60 JEO GRANDBaldwin Park
Details023513:21 PMHit and Run No Injuries15935 Marlinton Dr Santa Fe Springs
Details012489:59 AMCLOSURE of a RoadI10 W / I710 N ConI10 W / I710 @ VALLEYEast LA
Details011159:28 AMRequest CalTrans NotifyLa10512t I105 E / I405 S ConLA10512T I105 E / I405 S CONWest LA
Details0006512:25 AMRoad/Weather Conditions2901 W BroadwayLACO WEATHERLA
Details0000111:59 PMRoad/Weather ConditionsMedia LogLOS ANGELES COUNTYLA
Details0404611:49 PMWIND AdvisoryI5 N / Templin HwyNB GSF AT TEMPLIN HIGHWAYNewhall